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Welcome & Subscribe to the new Protect Liverpool Bay Website!

Protect Liverpool Bay's first protest rally, November 2018.

PLB has come a long way since that first protest rally in November 2108! A few weeks ago we announced the launch of the Protect Liverpool Bay website (which was still under development and to an extent will always be undergoing enhancements and updates). If you haven't visited recently we welcome you to check it out as there's been loads of content added, including an archive of relevant articles and research documents, plus lots more to come!

One of the site features is the 'News' blog page where we'll cross share all the latest Facebook posts, Industry news and announcements regarding PLB events or workshops. The benefit of the 'News' blog on the website is we can automatically share these postings to much a wider audience including all those who have joined PLB's mailing list, as not all PLB members and supporters are Facebook users. The website gives us the ability to connect and share all PLB News directly to our Subscriber’s email in-boxes, whether you follow PLB on Facebook or not, all you need to do is subscribe to stay in the loop.

Why subscribe to PLB's website?

Never miss an update. You'll receive all the latest New's posts (including those from our Facebook page) and announcements of upcoming events or Aquaculture Review Board (ARB) Hearing updates directly in your in-box!

How to subscribe?

If you're already on PLB's mailing list (aka PLB Members), you're already subscribed! This means you'll now automatically receive every 'News' posting via an email notification. Additionally as a PLB Member you'll receive (via email) a monthly PLB Member's Newsletter with updates on the current application status along with local news and events PLB is involved in.

FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS there are two ways to subscribe:

  1. Subscribe to our News Blog: For those who never want to miss a PLB news post - go to our News page (Archives or current News posts page), just enter your email address and you will automatically receive every new PLB News post in your in-box.

  2. Subscribe to our Mailing List to become a PLB Member: For concerned citizens or businesses who Stand with us and support our One Voice, and want to be engaged in PLB's efforts - go to our Home Page or Take a Stand Page to Subscribe to our Members List. You'll receive every new News post in your in-box plus the monthly PLB News Letter and/or important announcements regarding the ARB Hearing and other local PLB events.

All contact information submitted will remain confidential and used solely by PLBA for the purposes stated above and will not be shared with other parties.

All subscribers will have the option to opt out at any time. (An unsubscribe feature will be added shortly, until then you can simply contact us by email through our Contacts page with the word "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.)

Please help us spread the word for new subscribers and share this post on your own social pages and email contacts! To become a new subscriber just click one of the links below


If you haven't already signed our petition, its easy and takes less than 1 minute. Click the link below, add your signature and then forward or share!



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