Research & Reports

Important research and reports from independent scientists, environmentalists and Legal advocates studying the effects of fin-fish farming on the marine environment, wild salmon, and Government regulations that surround it.

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Impact of FinFish Aquaculture on Eelgrass  (2018)
  • Authors: Nakia Cullain, Reba McIver, Allison L. Schmidt, Inka Milewski, Heike K. Lotze

       Department of Biology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

  • Journal: PeerJ - the Journal of Life and Environmental Sciences (

Sea-cage Aquaculture Impacts Market and Berried Lobster Catches

(Plain Language PDF)

  • Authors: I. Milewski, R. H. Loucks, B. Fisher, R. E. Smith, J. S. P. McCain, H. K. Lotze

  • Journal: Marine Ecology Progress Series

Aquaculture Regulation in the Post Doelle-Lahey Era:  An Analysis of Nova Scotia's New Regulatory Framework

November 2015

  • Authors:  Lisa Mitchell and Aaron Ward

  • ECE Law  |  East Coast Enviromental Law

Doelle-Lahey Report Highlights - By Ecology Action Centre (EAC)

"This Report calls for nothing short of:  'a fundamental overhaul of the regulation of aquaculture in Nova address the many serious and legitimate concerns'. "

  • Authors:   EAC  |  Ecology Action Centre

Doelle-Lahey Report:  A New Regulatory Framework for Low Impact/High Value Aquaculture in Nova Scotia  [The Doelle-Lahey Panel]   (2014)

(Full Version PDF)

  • Authors:  Meinhard Doelle, William Lahey

  • Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University