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Protect Liverpool Bay - No Fish Farms Rally


Photo by Outdoor Nova Scotia

We need your voice

say NO to open-pen fish farms!

We Need Your Voice

The Nova Scotia government recently lifted a 3 year moratorium on issuing new fin-fish farm leases and the N.S. Minister of Fisheries & Aquaculture introduced new regulations and processes surrounding Aquaculture License & Lease Applications which involved establishing an Aquaculture Review Board (ARB). This three person 'independent' panel will review and decide on all fin-fish lease applications through a public adjudicative hearing, open to community input.  The current application by Cooke Aquaculture for Liverpool Bay represents the first time ever concerned citizens of Nova Scotia will have the opportunity to directly participate in the lease approval process.

It's a critical time to TAKE A STAND!  As a concerned citizen, business or organization, here’s what you can do now to show your opposition to the destructive practice of open net-pen fin-fish farming in Nova Scotia and fight the current Application for 60 pens in Liverpool Bay.


Check back soon for all the tools you'll need to get involved and participate in the ARB Hearing.  Important dates, instructions, workshop announcements and more will be available right here!!!!



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