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The shocking reality of the open net-pen fin-fish farming industry in Nova Scotia and around the Globe as reported and documented by Independent Scientists, Film Makers, Advocates, investigative journalists and concerned citizens.........


When the process for an application to operate 60 net-pens in Liverpool Bay began, we dove in and learned everything we could about the marine cage salmon farming industry here in our backyard, around our province and the globe.  What we discovered was shocking, and unacceptable.  We know anyone that takes the time to understand the devastating impacts of what's happening BELOW the surface, will agree.  Simply put, these practices are not sustainable and these sites are not farms - they are industrial feed lots. 

For those who know nothing or little about 'farmed salmon' other than what they read on a menu or packaging label, the resources in the links below are what we consider mandatory learning for anyone concerned about the sustainability of our ocean resource and the future of our coastal communities.  From fast facts to in-depth scientific studies, to shocking documentaries; read, watch, and most importantly, share.

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