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Making Headlines

An archive of key important local and international news articles on Protect Liverpool Bay, Cooke Aquaculture, Cermaq, and other Industry related ​issues that made headlines.  For recent and current news visit our NEWS page.

DFO Investigates farmed fish escape in Whycocomagh Bay, CB

"Quoted from the article: "We’koqoma’q partnered up with fish farming giant Cooke aquaculture in July 2019 and the operation is reported to have 60 cages in the water, it’s estimated they will harvest between $10-$12 million fish this year. – CBC News"  |  Dylan Yates  |  September 16, 2019

Aquaculture salmon escape detected in Bay of Fundy

"It was initially estimated that 2,500 large salmon escaped, although Cooke representatives have since downgraded their estimate to 1,000."

Atlantic Salmon Federation  |  September 10, 2019

No More Fish Farms, Announces Danish Government

" (Minister) Wermelin said the reason she is in favour of this is for the sake of the marine environment and pointed out that the coastal areas and inland waters are overloaded with nitrogen."

Salmon Business  |  Editorial Staff  | August 27, 2019

Aquaculture to Nova Scotia Like Oil to Alberta

“Aquaculture is a golden opportunity, done properly, environmentally sound, with the right science, this industry could be as valuable to Nova Scotia as the oil industry is to Alberta,” Colwell said. “It’s that important.”

Eastern Shore Cooperator  |  By Richard Bell  | August 26, 2019

Cooke Aquaculture shifts shore clean-up over “activist” concerns

Lighthouse Now  |  Kevin McBain  |  August 21, 2019 

Coverage of Cooke’s Beach Clean-up at Coffin Island

Cooke Aquaculture’s planned beach cleanup of Coffin Island, Queens County was not only canceled today but there was little public support for their public relations initiative.

Outdoor Nova Scotia  |  Vaughn Mullen  |  August 13, 2019

New rules for Cooke Aquaculture Puget Sound fish farms

Salmon farmer mulls new species for sites ahead of 2022’s Atlantic ban.

Salmon Business  |  By Owen Evans  |  July 22, 2019

Whole Blackberry Rosefish from Cooke Aquaculture Approved in Maine to Help Solve Lobster Bait Crisis

Whole Blackberry Rosefish from Cooke Aquaculture Approved in Maine to Help Solve Lobster Bait Crisis.

Cooke website  |  July 10, 2019

A.F. Theriault & Son building power barges for Atlantic Canada

To meet this demand, Cooke worked with Poseidon Marine Consultants Ltd. to develop a 40’x20′ powered barge design. The first of a four boat series, the KCS Emerald, will be delivered in July.

Workboat  |  Article by Workboat staff  |  July 1, 2019

Cooke lands millions more in Government subsidies

Cooke Aquaculture announced plans Friday to expand and upgrade its hatcheries in southern New Brunswick with about $5.6 million in funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).

Responsible Aquaculture  |  May 7, 2019

Cooke Aquaculture to pay $332,000 penalty for fish pen collapse 

Cooke Aquaculture will pay a $332,000 penalty to the Washington Department of Ecology for the collapse of its floating pen near Cypress Island that released 250,000 non-native fish into Puget Sound.

Fibre One News Radio  |  Jeff Chew  |  April 29, 2019

Sea Lice Pesticide Pollutes Clayoquot Waters (Cermaq)

Watershed Sentinel  |  Dan Lewis  |  April 12, 2019

Cooke unveils ambitious fish farm expansion plans in Nova Scotia

Quoted from the article, Glen Cooke says, "I think a lot of the people who are opposing our industry today really are ill-informed or have information that is old and not real anymore," Cooke told CBC News after the speech."

CBC News  |  Paul Withers  |  March 29, 2019

Cooke Seafood, Clearwater at bottom of rankings in new report on ‘ghost gear’ and its harm to fisheries

Lighthouse Now  |  by Charles Mandel  |  2019-03-27

Near Fish Farms, Lobster Catches Plummet

Study by Biologist Inka Milewski concludes proximity to open-net-pen aquaculture seems to have a big influence on the lobster catch in southwestern Nova Scotia.

Hakai Magazine |  by Brian Owens  |  November 1, 2018

Lobsters unharmed by Atlantic Canada salmon farm, 8-year study finds

Paul Withers · CBC News · Posted: Mar 22, 2019

NOTE:  Author of the Study is Jon Grant who holds a Chair position at Dalhousie University funded by Cooke Aquaculture, see articles below.

How funding university research could mean less debt for Cooke Aquaculture

Cooke Aquaculture's funding of research at Dalhousie University is allowing the company to write off up to $2 million from a $16-million loan from the Nova Scotia government.

Paul Withers · CBC News ·  Apr 04, 2018 

How corporate funding compromises independent science at Dalhousie

...."There’s a lot in this story that should concern us, but for me the biggest issue is how the university is being used to prop up private industry. I know this is an old story and now accepted as regular university practice, but there are two levels to it."

Tim Bousquet  |  Halifax Examiner  |  Apr 04, 2018 

Cooke Aquaculture is eligible for $4 million in “loan forgiveness” to fund a university research chair named after the company


"In short, Cooke contributed $800,000 to the establishment of a Chair named in its honour and which is held by an industry-friendly researcher (Joh Grant). Now, it looks like at least that $800,000 will in effect be paid by Nova Scotia Business Inc. via the loan forgiveness."

Tim Bousquet · Halifax Examiner ·  Apr 03, 2018 

Cold water kills 10,000 salmon at Cooke fish farm near Liverpool

Frances Willick · CBC News · Posted: Mar 21, 2019 

Cooke secures multimillion dollar operating lease package for hydrolicer and thermolicer technologies

Salmon Business   |  7 March 2019

Cooke's True North Seafood will release ready-to-cook meals developed with Stewart

Jordan Gill · CBC News · Posted: Feb 26, 2019

Liverpool Bay Mayor weighs in on Cooke Aquaculture expansion

Cooke Aquaculture is looking to expand its salmon farming operations in Liverpool Bay, Canada, through its subsidiary Kelly Cove Salmon.

Salmon Business  |  Owen Evans |  20 February 2019

RQM council sends exploratory letter to Cooke Aquaculture

In response to the concerns of residents over the proposed aquaculture expansion plan for Liverpool Bay, the Region of Queens Municipality (RQM) has compiled a letter containing 24 questions. 

Lighthouse Now  |  Kevin Mcbain And Charles Mandel   |   2019-02-20

Tasmania and Nova Scotia sign fisheries and aquaculture agreement 

I MOU signed to strengthen aquaculture in both Australian and Canadian

Salmon Business |  Owen Evans |   2019-02-18

Plenty of Questions, but NO Position!

Outdoor Nova Scotia |  Vaughn Mullen |   2019-02-13

Municipality asks for answers on fish farm

QCCR News |  Owen Evans |   2019-02-12

Letter to the editor: Something fishy going on? 

A taxpayer-funded trip to Tasmania with Fisheries and Aquaculture minister Keith Colwell

Nova Scotia Advocate  |  Wendy Watson Smith  |   2019-01-29

A newly released 11 year study into the impact of a fish farm in Port Mouton Bay

Seafood Source  |  Allan Lynch  |  July 11, 2018

The State of Washington Banned Cooke from operating Salmon Farms in their waters, in return, Cooke sued WA (failed), so now they're switching to TROUT!

Study funded by Cooke. For comparison, read about a Study by Indepenent Biologist Inka Milewski above - see full Study on our Documents Page.

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