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Advocating to keep Liverpool Bay natural and healthy

 for future generations.

Who We Are

The Protect Liverpool Bay (PLB) Association is a group of citizens advocating to keep our oceans free from the destructive impacts of open net-pen fin-fish farms in Liverpool Bay and all of Nova Scotia.  We know fin-fish farms cannot be safely operated in a marine environment.  We are calling on the Nova Scotia government to withdaw the current Application for Expansion by Cooke Aquaculture for salmon farms in Liverpool Bay.

Our Vision

A natural healthy Liverpool Bay.

Our Mission

To promote prosperity, social wellbeing, and environmental sustainability of our coastal communities by preventing the expansion of open-net fin-fish farms.

Our Values


Protecting the health of our coastal environment, economies, and community.


Educating citizens and speaking with one voice.


Taking a proactive stand.

Our Objectives

To prevent expansion of open-pen fin-fish farms.

To educate our community about healthy marine environments.

To protect our natural, balanced eco-systems.

To challenge regulatory bodies.

To promote a healthy quality of life.

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