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REMINDER, ACTION REQUIRED: Today at 4:30pm is the deadline for public submissions to the ARB on the applications for open net-pen fish farm expansion in Liverpool Bay!

Ok Folks, this is it! TODAY at 4:30 pm is the deadline for written submissions and requests to make oral presentations at the upcoming ARB hearing in Liverpool.

THIS IS THE ONLY AND FINAL CHANCE THE PUBLIC WILL HAVE TO SUBMIT INPUT ON THE DECISION ON THE APPLICATIONS FOR OPEN-NET PEN FINFINSH FARM EXPANSION IN LIVERPOOL BAY. If you're short for time - your letter can be as simple as one paragraph but you must include the required contact info and other criteria stated in order for your letter to be accepted. Find the ARB's email address, instructions and how-to at this link:

For more hearing details, to view the application documents if you haven't already, and other related links visit the ARB website below:


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