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NS Fisheries Minister Steve Craig agrees with ARB decision to cut-off questioning past enforcement

"McKenna [ARB Chair] cut off a line of Ecojustice questioning Tuesday about past enforcement of lease parameters.

After a cabinet meeting Thursday, Aquaculture Minister Steve Craig agreed with Campbell [DFA's Lawyer] and the board.

'The aquaculture review board was quite correct', Craig said. 'They are an independent decision-making body and they look at applications that are sent to them, so it’s around new sites, expansion to existing sites and finfish species.'

Craig said the processes being put in place to govern the industry “are going to improve the regulatory framework and the compliance.”

'I don’t want to look at the work of previous administrations,' he said. 'I believe that we have the best regulatory regime now in perhaps Canada and even further, around aquaculture. My focus is to take what was done in the past, recognize perhaps the shortcomings of that but certainly implement the processes and the regulations now that’s going to suit us well in the future.'

Excerpts from: Saltwire | November 18, 2021 Article by: Francis Campbell

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