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What is going on in B.C.?

What hold do the Norwegian salmon farmers have over the Canadian Government!? "Murray said transitioning to closed containment systems is no longer part of her mandate." - Intrafish

“I think there was some misunderstanding that there would be sort of a dramatic change in just a very, very short time,” she [Min. Joyce Murray] told the news site.

Murray also told the First Nation leaders that "closed containment production methods aren't part of her mandate," which puts into question whether she will have the industry move to a completely land-based system by 2025 as was previously proposed.

Excerpts and photo above from an article in Intrafish here. Unfortunately its paywalled, full article viewable to subscribers only.

A blog post about this article was linked on our Facebook page, and written by Alexandra Morton but has since been removed. Which only brings more questions.....

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