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WA: "Commercial finfish net pens are not in the best interest of our state"

HILARY FRANZ the Commissioner of Public Lands, Washington Sate, deserves nothing less than a standing ovation for her words and actions this past week. Its a shame that officials taking a stand against industry (or developers) is such a rarity - because isn't THIS what citizens expect and deserve from our government leaders. Fighting for responsible stewardship of public waters and lands, not fighting for corporate interests. Below we share her recent public statement as she announced an executive order banning net-pens......


"Today, I announce an order prohibiting commercial finfish net pen aquaculture, which will free Washington’s state-owned aquatic lands from enclosed cages.

Through my order today, we are removing one unnecessary threat from our marine ecosystem.

This is a critical step to support our waters, fishermen and women, tribes, and the native salmon that we are so ferociously fighting to save.

Today’s action is a promise to do better — not only for marine species, not just for the aquatic environments of Puget Sound — but for the Indigenous Tribes whose culture and identity are forever intertwined to these native species & for the future generations of Washingtonians.

I pledge to continue fighting for the responsible stewardship of our waterways and the incredible species who call Washington home, as well as the people and tribes of this state who rely on salmon for sustenance and nourishment."

From Hilary Franz on Twitter @Hilary_Franz@CPL

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