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VIDEO: Why the fight for wild salmon is about more than fish -In conversation with Alexandra Morton

VIDEO EVENT: Now available to watch on Youtube, the on-line book launch event for Alex's book 'Not On My Watch', streamed live on March 31st, 2021. Hosted by Ian Gil of Upstart & Crow Bookshop, Vancouver.

A remarkable conversation with Alexandra Morton, and Indigenous leaders Bob Chamberlin, and Don Svanvig. The book and this conversation is a wakeup call to all Canadians; its a devastating indictment of government deceit, collusion with industry, regulatory failures and shoddy science.

If you missed the live event, the full conversation is now available on Youtube. Its a must watch!

You can order the book on-line but before you do that why not you ask your local retailer/book seller if they can bring it in. Please let us know when/if you purchase it locally and we'll share the info.

Some stand out quotes from the conversation:

To DFO Senior Management - "you guys need to just step away from the fish" - Alex Morton.

"Imperical evidence is being denied,,, lots and lots of it that open net-pens are harmful to salmon, more than just harmful." That evidence, with a source list of peer reviewed data is in the book - Don Svanvig

"To all the fish companies that are watching this this evening, you may be startled with waht you hear - and what you're hearing is the TRUTH." - Bob Chamberlin

"Alexandra's book captures the struggle with such clarity". - Bob Chamberlin

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