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Video: Twin Bays presents concerns about Bill 24 Amendments - Proposed changes to the ARB process

Nova Scotia's new Minister of Fisheries & Aquaculture, Steve Craig, has introduced Bill No.24 to amend the Fisheries & Coastal Resources Act as it pertains to the Aquaculture Review Board (ARB) process and directly effects fin-fish farm applications.

This bill addresses the ARB Process and the proposed changes favour the Industry with intent to clear the backlog of the applications currently before them and the many more expected to come.

The Minister has proposed they expand the number of Board Members to 10, and that they could have a decision be made by just 'one' board member and also have several application hearings taking place simultaneously.

This Bill raises many questions and concerns as outlined in the presentations by both Derek Purcell and Geoff Lebouttilier on behalf of Twin Bays Coalition.

As we stated in a previous post - scaling up the ARB to fast track the adjudicative process and expedite an influx of applications is the opposite of *stopping* as PC candidates campaigned on, or phasing out for that matter as is happening on the west coast. We will continue to follow and post updates on the status of this bill.

Below is the video link to the Standing Committee on Law Amendments meeting held on October 25th, regarding Bill 24. Note Derek's presentation starts at 30:25 (they also table other bills) and Geoff presents right after him.


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