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VIDEO: Sustainable Blue, on-land closed containment salmon farming in Nova Scotia

Sustainable Blue is leading the way in on-land salmon farming, they are known as the world's most responsible Atlantic Salmon fishery. A product Nova Scotia can be proud of.

A land-based closed loop system fully operational and ready to scale. Zero fish escapes. Zero effluent into the environment. Zero antibiotics. Zero growth hormones. Converts fish waste biosolids into electricity. Technology developed right here in our own backyard. Farmed Atlantic salmon that look and taste just like wild Atlantic salmon.

Nova Scotia could be leaders in sustainable aquaculture if they supported and promoted land-based companies rather than inviting, funding, promoting and encouraging the high-risk, high-impact, polluting open-net pen industry.

Available to purchase on-line and in-stores. For a list of retailers visit Sustainable Blue's website's where to buy page here.

For those in the Liverpool area you can find Sustainable Blue salmon in-store and on the menu at The Port Grocer & Cafe in Port Medway.

Watch to learn more about this company's impressive vision. And share.

For more information visit Sustainable Blue's website.


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