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Update: Proposed Bill 24 amendments are modified by DFA as a result of Twin Bays' presentations

Following the recent presentations by members of Twin Bays Coalition, (which we posted last week), it was decided by DFA that 3 members of the Aquaculture Review Board (ARB), not just one, would need to be present at an ARB hearing to render a decision on aquaculture site applications.

Thank you Derek Purcell and Geoff Leboutillier and Twin Bays for voicing these concerns on behalf of so many! This is progress.

The change implemented by DFA was a direct result of COMMUNITY MEMBERS GETTING INVOLVED AND SPEAKING UP WITH CONCERNS. Any opportunity to be heard by officials cannot be missed. There is no other way to make change, to protect our bays and the economic future of a community. Please continue to STAY INFORMED. USE YOUR VOICE. TAKE A STAND. TAKE ACTION. and SUPPORT OTHERS WHO DO. Saying nothing, doing nothing, is the same as giving consent.


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