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Two New Studies: Pathogens from salmon farms raise risks for B.C.'s plummeting wild salmon stocks

Newly released research by Pacific Salmon Foundation shows pathogen exposure rates were 12 times higher near farms in the Discovery Islands. A second newly released study by UBC found that two specific pathogens, T. maritimum and piscine orthoreovirus, most negatively impacted the survival of wild salmon.

"In response to the latest court ruling and the findings of the new study, Michael Meneer, CEO and president of the Pacific Salmon Foundation, said in a statement that the foundation "strongly encourages" Murray to hold firm to the federal government's commitment to transition away from open-net salmon farming by 2025."

"Salmon face many challenges, and open-net salmon farms pose a serious risk to wild salmon," he said.

"Any renewal of licences that prolong this risk to wild salmon would be deeply concerning." - Michael Meneer, President Pacific Salmon Association

Quotes above from CBC News | May 24, 2022 | view the full article below.

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