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Thomas Trappenberg clears the air with fish-farming facts in The Chronicle Herald

Thomas Trappenberg: "On June 16, this newspaper published an opinion piece by Tom Smith, executive director of the Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia, in which he accused me, the leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia, of spearheading a misinformation campaign against his industry.

Lacking evidence and without citing any specific case of misinformation, this attack — which also names the Ecology Action Centre and four citizen-led groups like the Healthy Bays Network — is damaging because it sours what was until now a civil and democratic discussion about an important issue.

The debate about aquaculture is important because our oceans are not just a massive part of our economy, but vital to how we identify ourselves as Nova Scotians. This is why thousands of people from all political backgrounds have formed their own local groups, like the ones named by Mr. Smith, to educate and organize the discussion around the development of open-pen aquaculture." ...........

Above Excerpt From: The Chronicle Herald | Opinion Piece | June 17,2020

Go here to read the full article.


From THOMAS TRAPPENBERG - Leader of The Green Party of Nova Scotia on Facebook: "I am grateful to have this opportunity to set the record straight. I am also very proud to stand with the Healthy Bays Network, Twin Bays Coalition, Protect Liverpool Bay Association, St. Marys Bay Protectors, the Association of the Preservation of Eastern Shore, and all the citizens who have the courage and energy to demonstrate what they believe in.

Democracy works like this."

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