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The province is about to begin a review of the rules around aquaculture development

Chief Terry Paul, an advocate of the net-pen fish farm industry, will co-chair the committee that will undertake the 5-year review of Nova Scotia's aquaculture regulations. He will co-chair with the Deputy Minister of NSDFA.

The Aquaculture Regulatory Advisory Committee was formed back in 2015 when the new current regulations were created, at that time Chief Terry Paul Co-Chaired the committee with then DFA Minister Keith Colwell of the Liberal Party.

Excerpts below from:

Article by Paul Withers | CBC | Feb.1, 2022,, Updated Feb 2nd)

"The province is about to begin a review of the rules around aquaculture development.

The review will be carried out by the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Regulatory Advisory Committee, co-chaired by Chief Terry Paul and deputy minister April Howe from the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

The committee is made up of members that represent industry, stakeholder groups, municipalities, environmental non-government organizations, and Mi'kmaq communities.

The committee last met in December to begin planning the regulatory review that was requested by Minister Steve Craig. The department is currently in the process of hiring a facilitator to support the review."

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