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The Dead Loss Report: Billions in losses in salmon aquaculture | South Coast Today

"False economy at fish farms in Canada, Chile, Norway and Scotland most affected by poor fish husbandry, high stocking densities, increasing mortalities."

Excerpt: "Recent economic analysis of salmon farming reveals that the industry has produced negative externalities worth in the region of $60 billion ($47 billion usd) since 2013. It shows how poor fish husbandry, including measures such as high stocking densities, are a false economy as they have led to increasing mortalities on salmon farms. These represent high opportunity costs for salmon farmers. In addition, unsustainable practices such as the use of fish in feed, local pollution and poor fish welfare create social and environmental costs that are not generally accounted for."

Article by Timothy Gillespie | South Coast Today | February 12, 2021

THE DEAD LOSS REPORT: "Dead Loss, the high cost of poor salmon farming practices and mortalities on salon farms" | February 2021 | by Just Economics, UK. Find a link to the full the full report and video here.

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