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The Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society

Roy Mulder, President of the Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society (CMEPS), has moved to N.S. from B.C. He has this to say about open-net pen salmon farms and his experience fighting the industry there:

"The worst part is that when they "treat" farm fish, the "treatment" ends up putting chemicals into the open ocean affecting wild stocks. The farms also are very concentrated which result in diseases like piscene reovirus which can and will end up affecting the wild stocks.

I've relocated to Nova Scotia from BC where I was in opposition to fish farms for decades. I watched some incredibly beautiful shorelines totally destroyed by these over processed sh*t factories. I've also watched our government totally ignore the risks and affects of fish farms and continue to license them, usually to some Norwegian company.

I would highly recommend reading Alexandra Morton's book, Not On My Watch."

Learn more about CMEPS on their website.


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