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Tasmania - Thousands of fish dead at Petunia net-pen fish farm

So many farmed fish dying, it doesn't matter where in the world they are located or who the operators are. Not too long ago DFA spent $100,000 to take a group of Nova Scotia officials on a junket tour of net-pen salmon farms in Tasmania back in early 2019. They are the same disaster-prone operations everywhere in the world, why not just take them to Shelburne or Digby?

Our Minister Colwell was so impressed with Tasmania's plans for massive expansion of fish farms, he signed an MOU with their Minister Barnett on that trip. After returning home, the invited guests on the junket soon learned their local bays were the targets of scoping options granted for new fish farm sites.


Petuna Aquaculture is facing a growing mortality crisis at its marine farm at Rowella in the state's north.

The farm, along the Tamar River, has experienced a temperature spike recently in what the company has described as an "unusually short time frame", followed by a prolonged period of long, hot days.

The company says temperatures in the water are now trending downwards.

Petuna CEO Ruben Alvarez has told Tasmanian Broadcasters that "for now, our immediate concern is to safeguard those fish that have not been affected by removing those that have perished, as well as supporting our farming team who are working to manage the situation."

The exact number of fish mortalities has not yet been confirmed by the company due to the ongoing retrieval operation.

However, Tasmanian Broadcasters understands the loss is estimated to be more than 60,000 pre-harvest fish weighing more than five kilograms - with the loss to the company potentially in the millions.

The fish are being disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations.

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