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Shutting down salmon farms in BC begins in 2022

Federal government confirms plan to end open-net fish farms in BC by 2025

The beginning of end of the salmon farming industry in B.C. as we know it will start in earnest in 2022 in the Discovery Islands. - BIV

The days are numbered for open-net salmon farms like this one owned by Mowi.

Excerpt - "By 'transition' the federal government means a transition from open-net salmon farms to some other form of fish farming that is more contained -- land-based farms recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), for example.

But B.C. salmon farmers say there is no business case for entirely land-based salmon farming in B.C., so for all intents and purposes,"transition" may actually mean "end."........The BC Salmon Farmers Association appeared to be taken aback by Thursday's announcement."

Link to Full article below:

By Nelson Bennett | December 17, 2020

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