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REPORT: World's largest seafood companies lack transparency on social and and environmental impacts

The World Benchmark Alliance (WBA) reports Cooke Aquaculture ranks 27th out of 30 global seafood companies with a total score of 7.3/100 for sustainability performance. The ranking is from the 2023 Seafood Stewardship Index released on October 16th. This is the third edition of the Index which measures how the world's leading seafood companies contribute to the sustainable management of our oceans and coastal ecosystems.

In a press release issued on October 17th, the WBA states the report assessed 30 of the world's most influential companies who collectively represent about 1/4 of the seafood industry. They summize how the results point to a concerning lack of transparency around progress towards their sustainability commitments.

"Despite people around the world relying on the seafood industry for employment, sustenance and wellbeing, large companies are failing to provide sustainable and equitable food systems that also protect and restore oceans." - WBA

The Index also includes aquaculture giant, MOWI who ranked 4th out 30. Below are some highlights from the report's assessment of Cooke Aquaculture.

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Cooke Aquaculture's total score of 7.3/100 is described as poor compared to its peers and notes their ranking has not improved since 2021.

"The company should significantly improve its reporting in all four measurement areas, particularly in the governance and strategy area. In addition, the company lags behind its peers in the areas of social responsibility and traceability. In the traceability area, Cooke can commit to ensuring traceability in its seafood products and should disclose the sources of its seafood products and marine feed ingredients. Furthermore, in the ecosystem measurement area, the company has an opportunity to enhance transparency regarding how it tackles critical concerns in aquaculture."

In all four areas of measurement Cooke ranked near the bottom, with their lowest performance ranking being in Ecosystems - this measurement area looks at what companies do to avoid, reduce and/ or mitigate negative impacts on the ecosystem. In this category they rank 28th out of 30 globally, and dead last of the 7 groups within North America.

Cooke Aquaculture - 2023 Ranking overview. WBA Seafood Sustainability Index

View the rankings below, or link directly to the full report here.



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