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Public Input: Demand letter highlights illegal operation taking place at Cooke NS salmon farm sites

RE COOKE OPEN HOUSES THIS WEEK, from Ecology Action Centre: "There are three Cooke open houses slated to push salmon farming site expansions in St. Mary’s Bay, St. Margaret’s Bay, and the Annapolis Basin, and today we are revisiting the Demand Letter put together by NS communities and our colleagues at Ecojustice highlighting the illegal operation taking place at these sites.

For years now, communities have been trying to get the Provincial government to enforce aquaculture laws and ensure that salmon farming operations cannot expand outside of their leasing areas. For years, government regulators have failed to deal with the issue, and now the industry is seeking a rubber stamp to formalize these unlawful expansions.

We will not tolerate big industry trampling over regulations at the expense of the environment. This has to end now. "

Click on our FB post below to find the link, comments and to join the conversation.


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