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PC Candidate Danielle Barkhouse speaks out against open net-pen fish farms at local rally

"That [Doelle-Lahey Report] was very clear: open-pen farming should not be allowed unless they can prove it is low impact, high value added. This industry is the opposite. It has high impact on our banks and harbours and low value added to our economy. " - Danielle Barkhouse, PC Candidate, Chester-St.Margarets

"Open-pen farming is not compatible with the existing uses of our bays and harbours...."

Barkhouse told the rally her Party is committed to shifting to land-based fish farms.

(Note: there is no specific position or mention of fish farms in the now released PC Party Platform)

The rally took place outside the Blandford Community Centre with the other three candidates for the riding — Jessica Alexander (Green), Amy Riestma (NDP), and Jacob Killawee (Liberal) — at an event hosted by the Twin Bays Coalition and the Healthy Bays Network, two organizations opposed to fish farms on the south shore. Inside the community centre, Cooke Aquaculture was hosting a regulatory “open house” required for the expansion of its Bayswater fish farm — which has already happened."

Read about the event and the speeches of each candidate in this Article by: Tim Bousquet, Halifax Examiner. Link to full article here.

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