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Opponents deride first fish farm decision from new NS regulator | CBC News

"Opponents of marine fish farms lashed out Tuesday at the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Board after the newly created regulator sided with industry in its first decision, related to a salmon farming case."

"The board approved the boundary expansion of a Cooke Aquaculture salmon farm near Digby, N.S."

'Sets a poor precedent'

"It certainly sets a poor precedent for enforcement of lease boundaries at other problematic sites and certainly sets a poor precedent in terms of transparency and social licence for these kinds of operations," said Sarah McDonald, a lawyer for Eco Justice.

'A lot of insulation from scrutiny'
"There was a lot of insulation from scrutiny at the provincial level. We saw the province sort of pushing to ensure that enforcement capacity and regulatory capacity in the past could not be challenged during the hearings," said Simon Ryder-Burbidge of the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax.

Excerpts above from:

Paul Withers | CBC News | Feb. 2, 2022

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