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Nova Scotia Government has granted Cermaq a six month extension to Scope for 4 new fish farm sites

Forced to shut down operations in BC, Cermaq Canada's goal is to have 20 open net-pen salmon farms and a processing plant in Nova Scotia.

As we mentioned in a recent FB post (Sept.20th), Cermaq Canada part of the Norwegian fish farm giant, Cermaq Global of Norway, has been given a 6 month extension on their option to lease for 4 sites in NS saying they need more time to consult with locals. Additionally they’re studying the effects of more extreme weather caused by climate change. They are currently scoping 4 potential sites in St.Mary’s Bay, Digby County, Guysborough County and Isle Madame and St.Peter’s in Cape Breton, but state they are still looking at other areas of the province with a goal to have 20 open pen salmon farms and a processing plant.

Paul Withers of CBC interviews Linda Sams, Cermaq's Director of Sustainable Development.

Quoted from the article:

"If things do proceed, we'd be looking at being in the province for decades and decades." she said. "So we're not only looking at conditions now, but looking at forecasting what conditions might be like even up to 20 years from now.”

"It is important to note that we want to hear from the whole community, whether you love salmon farming or would like to see us pack up and head back west," the company said in a recent newsletter. - CBC | Paul Withers | September 29, 2019

Linda Sams says the extension will also give them a second winter’s worth of data.

Well its no coincidence that having a second winter to collect data will also allow them to watch the approval process for Cooke’s application for Liverpool Bay unfold and to know the outcome of the ARB hearing before submitting their applications. There is no doubt they are following the Liverpool Bay proposal closely including all opposition efforts. This stresses the significance of the Aquaculture Review Board’s decision on Liverpool Bay (their very first) as it will most definitely impact future applications.

Ok Nova Scotia, we have an extra 6 months to tell Cermaq to pack up and leave. Visit their community input website to do just that.

or Click through to our FB page link below for the CBC article link and join the conversation!


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