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Norwegian salmon farm expansion in N.S. enters next phase

St. Mary's Bay Protectors let Cermaq know they weren't wanted. Now, Norwegian salmon and trout farming company Haugland Gruppen, operating under the name Canadian Salmon, has put in formal applications to the Nova Scotia government to operate four marine cage fish farms in St. Marys Bay in Digby County.

The proposed sites would each have 12 cages and could stock up to 80,000 fish at each site for a collective total of 320,000 farmed fish added to St.Mary's bay. The first farm would be near where Digby Neck meets Long Island. The operator noted their intent is to start small.

Canadian giant Cooke Aquaculture is currently the only marine net-pen salmon farmer operator in Nova Scotia and in fact already operate a salmon farm in St.Mary's Bay.

Excerpts below from:

Article by: Paul Withers | CBC News | March 3, 2022

Norwegian salmon and trout farming company Haugland Gruppen has applied to the Nova Scotia government to operate four marine cage fish farms in St. Marys Bay, Digby County.

The move is the next step in the company's plan to expand in the province.

The move from an option to scope locations to a formal application triggers a government review of the plan and will renew the debate over fish farming in the area two years after the last attempt ended, when B.C.-based Cermaq ditched a proposed expansion into Nova Scotia that included St. Marys Bay.

"I can certainly say that residents are frustrated by this," said Sandy Cove resident Gwen Wilson, a member of the St. Marys Protectors, a group opposed to fish farming.

There is a salmon farm currently operating in St Marys Bay. Canadian giant Cooke Aquaculture, which has its own expansion plans in Nova Scotia, owns it.

Meanwhile Canadian Salmon can expect a campaign against it.

"We're 30 years into this. We have a salmon farm. That's why we're so against this. We've seen the results of these things with our own eyes decade after decade. So we know what we're in for and we'll fight this long as hard as we can," David Tudor, a municipal councillor in the area, sa

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