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Norway sends new 70 meter vessel to BC to battle sea lice on open net-pen farmed salmon

"Huge hoses will suck salmon out of net pens into the ship’s hold to be immersed in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and sea water for 20 minutes, before being flushed back into pens." (excerpt). Grieg boasts, the vessel uses their latest technology.

Farmed Atlantic Salmon are sucked from net-pens through these tubes, soaked with hydrogen peroxide and dumped back into pens, next to other lice infested salmon.
Farmed Atlantic salmon infested with sea lice get sucked up from net-pens through these tubes.

That's right, after being sucked through all these tubes and soaked with hydrogen peroxide, the salmon get dumped right back into pens next to other pens full of more lice infested salmon.

The lice are winning. The salmon are suffering. The net-pen farmers continue to spend endless millions on *rinse , repeat* systems. This is not a solution. This merely perpetuates the problem.

Canada's Ocean Super Cluster recently funded $12M to a Grieg partnered net-pen salmon project in Newfoundland. The open net-pens will feature new sensors to monitor the site.

This is what the industry and our government consider "new technology". Monitoring. Rinse, repeat.

Excerpt in first paragraph above from:

By: Carla Wilson | February 14, 2021 | Times Colonist

Link to the full article here. Or click on our facebook post below where you'll find the link and comments.


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