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Newfoundland tightens its 'Policy & Procedures' following MOWI's mass mortality event of 2.6m salmon

Note: “all fish pens current and future move to a min 20 Meter depth, In NS the pens are ONLY 10 Meters! PLB will push our Provincial Government to follow new guidelines to prevent die off. The water depth here in Liverpool Bay is only 18 Meters!" - Brian Muldoon, PLBA

Mowi CEO apologizes for salmon die-off; Newfoundland tightens aquaculture policies

Reported from | November 11, 2019 | by Cliff White:

"On Friday, 8 November, the government of Newfoundland and Labrador updated its "Aquaculture Policies and Procedures Manual," which sets the rules governing the aquaculture sector in the province. Among the new requirements added into the manual were rules mandating the use of aeration devices, minimum 20-meter depths of net pens, certification of all net-pen engineering and design, reporting of sea lice abundance, and the issuance of notification to the government within 24 hours of the detection of any disease or the issuance of any quarantine warning."

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