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NEW BOOK: SALMON WARS, an urgent plea to consumers and government

"Salmon Wars, an urgent plea for consumers and governments to respond to the health and environmental consequences resulting from the industrialization of Atlantic salmon."

A Pulitzer Prize-wining correspondent Douglas Frantz and his wife, former journalist and private investigator Catherine Collins "began work on Salmon Wars in January 2020 after hearing about the environmental dangers of salmon farming at a public meeting near their home in Nova Scotia. In two years of intensive research that followed, they uncovered new documents illustrating the danger posed by open-net salmon farms to wild salmon and other marine life. They peeled away the industry propaganda to disclose campaigns to discredit critics and undermine environmentalists."

The couple's experience in investigative research and reporting is extensive. Following Frantz's 37 year career as a reporter, he was Chief Investigator for the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Assistant Secretary of State in the Obama administration, and Deputy Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Collins was a reporter and prize-winning foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and contributed to The New York Times and Los Angeles Times. Upon leaving her newspaper career, she became a private investigator specializing in international financial fraud and corruption.

Some early reviews of the book have been released with the launch of the book's pre-order status.

“We have been growing crops unsustainably on the land for at least 100 years. Now we are making the same mistakes with agriculture in our oceans. The criminal multi-national fishing corporations and their complicit politicians are actively harming the marine environment and pushing their toxic product to unaware consumers. After reading Salmon Wars I doubt you will choose to eat net pen farmed salmon again.” - Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia
“Frantz and Collins pierce the pastoral facade of Big Salmon and show what’s really happening under the water.” - Bill Taylor, President Atlantic Salmon Federation
“Impressively researched and absorbingly written, Salmon Wars will compel you to think again about the fish you love to eat so often for dinner. Two highly accomplished investigative reporters dig deep into the global industry behind ocean-farmed salmon, laying bare its environmental dangers, dubious health claims and dismaying success at obstructing effective regulation. Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins make a powerful case that there are far better options than the ocean cages that supply North Americans with most of their Atlantic salmon.” - Martin Baron, Former Editor of The Washington Post

Salmon Wars is scheduled to be released July 12, 2022, and will be available at local book stores, as well as Chapters Indigo and Follow the "Buy the Book" link on the Salmon Wars Book website to pre-order.

The book's website features a visual tour - a glimpse into what you'll find inside including the catastrophie at Cooke Aquaculture's farm site in Puget Sound, WA, how debris from one of their their sites in Newfoundland polluting the shoreline of Hermitage Bay and how under cover cameras revealed staff mistreatment of live salmon in a Cooke salmon hatchery in Maine.

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