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Nearly 93,000 salmon suffer and die slow agonizing death from lack of oxygen in net-pen salmon farm

As one of our members pointed out, the above heading should have been the title for this recent article by SeafoodSource. - In Newfoundland, "The deaths mark the second Atlantic salmon mass-mortality incident in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean related to low oxygen levels in a month. Cooke Aquaculture announced in late August that its farm sites located off Black Island, near the town of Frenchboro, Maine, U.S., had salmon mortalities related to “uncommonly low oxygen levels” in its cages, though the exact number of salmon killed by the low oxygen was not disclosed."

Excerpt of article above from: SeafoodSource .com | Sept. 13, 2021

Link to full article here.

The industry spin to these NEVER ending environmental catastrophes is always loaded with words like......'uncommon',,,, "unusual',,,"unexpected",,, "unprecedented'...."unknown"....

There is only one word to describe these events, UNACCEPTABLE.

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