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Mitsubishi's Fish - by Linda Pannozzo

Investigative Report: How Japanese-owned Cermaq Canada eyed Nova Scotia for mega expansion and put the province's new regulatory process to the test.

This feature piece was published in the Halifax Examiner last February, initially available to read to subscribers only. It's no longer behind the paywall and we think its well worth re-sharing and deserving of more attention.

Mitsubishi's Fish is a superb investigative report of the current regulatory process for marine fin-fish farms in NS and the numerous controversial issues its facing. Written this time last year, the article begins in the midst of Cermaq's $500M pitch to expand into St.Margaret's and Mahone Bays but then delves into the pending phase out of the industry in BC, Cooke's history of catastrophes on the East Coast, the Doelle Lahey recommendations, risks to wild salmon and climate change.

The article is well researched and packed with information including an interview with Meinhard Doelle and biologist Inka Milewski along with all referenced sources. Its an insightful read - if you take the time to read it, please let us know what thought.

Linda Pannozzo is an award winning writer and freelance journalist with Halifax Examiner and lives in St.Margarets Bay, NS. You can find more of Linda's work at:

Scroll to view the article in full below, or link directly to the article here from your browser.


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