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MAINE: Local Towns vote to seek intervenor status against proposed salmon farm

Lamoine Maine is the third coastal town in Maine that will seek intervenor status in the permitting process for a salmon farm. On March 16th residents of Lamoine who attended a town meeting voted almost unanimously to authorize the Lamoine Select Board to intervene against 2 proposed 60 acre sites in their Bay.

“This was a vote in support of our lobstermen and women who fish out of Lamoine State Park,”

“American Aquafarms (Norwegian Financed) threatens local jobs in fishing and tourism. Its unprecedented levels of air, water, noise and light pollution will destroy the natural environment and quality of life that draws so many people to this area.”

Above excerpts from:

The Ellsworth American | March 22, 2022

Lamoine is the third town to seek intervenor status joining Bar Harbor, Sorrento and Gouldsboro. The town of Hancock could be the fourth, they're scheduled to vote on May 10th. Shown on the image below.

Frenchman Bay, Maine. Image from @ProtectOurShore, on Twitter.

We say bravo to these towns. If you don't attempt to stop these operations at the local level, you'll never stop them.

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