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LIVERPOOL ARB HEARING: Dates and Upcoming Deadline for Public Submissions

ACTION REQUIRED: On November 21st, the Aquaculture Review Board updated the dates for the hearing in Liverpool regarding Cookes applications for expansion. The revised hearing dates are shown below (as displayed on our landing page as of 11/28/23). The deadline for public submissions is February 12th. For your convenience we created a page on our website that contains all the information on how members of the public can participate and the instructions you must follow along with a reference guide for the '8 factors' criteria.

Note the information and instructions on our website page for how to participate is taken directly from the ARB's website. You can find that info by the ARB posted here along with their privacy policy and related links. We recommend you refer to this if you haven't already.

Nova Scotia's Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture (DFA) regulations stipulate the ARB must use 8 factors to assess applications for finfish sites. This means all public submissions must relate to at least one or more of these factors. So along with the instructions we've included a handy reference guide on the 8 factors which was created by East Coast Environmental Law.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions about the instructions or criteria for public participation we suggest you contact the ARB directly. Otherwise if you have questions about interpreting the 8 factors or how one or more of them relates to your personal local situation and concerns - feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

Contact the ARB here.

Contact Protect Liverpool Bay info here.

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