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Liberal promise to end open-pen salmon farms in B.C. making waves on East Coast | CBC News

Justin Trudeau's promise to end open pen salmon farming in BC has raised a lot of questions in Atlantic Canada.

While this position denouncing open pen salmon farming is long awaited and supports our position, it fails to address the same concerns and environmental risks this industry poses in all Canadian waters, not just in BC. We must tell the Liberal Party that we demand the same commitment against open net-pen fish farming here on the East Coast.

Banning this industry only in West Coast waters will effectively just redirect these giant corporate feedlot profiteers to the East Coast, faster and larger than they already are, answering the beckoning call of Liberal's provincial Minister Keith Colwell's plans for massive salmon farm expansion across Nova Scotia.

Quoted from the CBC article below, a comment by Ecology Action Centre's Raymond Plourde:

"It's absolutely imperative that the industry be transitioned from open net-pen aquaculture with all of its environmental problems to closed containment," said Raymond Plourde, an environmentalist with the Halifax-based Ecology Action Centre.

"But it must occur on both coasts because the impacts are exactly the same on both coasts."

- Paul Withers, CBC News, October 1, 2019.

Meanwhile the industry's swift lash back against this announcement is predictable and expected, as those who profit from this business would do.

Full article below (just hover and scroll).

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