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Lawsuit accusing Cooke's of deceiving salmon consumers with false claims is headed to trial

Washington D.C. - Judge Denies Cooke's motions to dismiss sustainability and animal welfare clams lawsuit. "Cooke Aquaculture’s efforts to dismiss a lawsuit challenging True North’s sustainability claims and Cooke’s animal welfare claims have failed, and the suit is headed to trial."


"The lawsuit, filed in January 2020, accuses Cooke Aquaculture, its True North Seafood brand, and Wanchese Fish Company of deceiving consumers by falsely claiming to produce salmon using methods that are "sustainable," "natural," and follow "optimal" animal welfare standards."

Above excerpts from SeafoodSoure .ca, July 2, 2021, Full article here.

REMEMBER - One of PLB's original Fin-Fish Farm Facts - Atlantic Salmon Farmed in marine cages in Canada's Atlantic Water's are rated as AVOID on's consumer's guide, (a benchmark program for independently assessing the sustainability of seafood). That was true 3 years ago and the rating remains the same today, 'AVOID'. This is a fact that the salmon farm companies go to great lengths to greenwash - a huge market for their farmed salmon is the U.S.

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