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Huge turnout for the bi-coastal anti open net-pen event at Astor Theatre in Liverpool last night!

"Thank you everyone for attending PLB’s event. Now to keep the pressure on our government, keep reminding them it is our community- Social Licence ! We have a fight ahead of us! "- Brian Muldoon

The event was organized by Ecology Action Centre, (EAC) Halifax and hosted in collaboration with Protect Liverpool Bay, featuring guest panel speakers from B.C.

Pictured below from left to right:

Simon Ryder-Burbridge (EAC), Chief Bob Chamberlin (BC), Shannon Arnold (EAC), Bonnie Glambeck (BC), Brian Muldoon (PLB), Peter Stewart (Liverpool) , Karen Wristen (BC)

Did you attend? Click through to our Facebook page and tell us what you thought!!


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