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Highly contagious virus found in majority of Clayouquot Sound Salmon Farms | The Narwhal

While the aquaculture industry is busy telling the Minister of Fisheries and anyone who will listen that the piscine orthoreovirus being found in BC salmon is a native strain, Clayoquot Action's research tells a different story...

Quote from the article:

"Salmon at a majority of Clayoquot Sound fish farms are infected with the Norwegian strain of a highly contagious virus, according to an investigative report released Wednesday. 

The report by Clayoquot Action, a Tofino-based conservation society, says feces, flesh and scale samples from 14 out of 15 farms tested positive for the piscine orthoreovirus, a disease that gained notoriety after a video of bloody discharge from packing plants in Tofino and Campbell River went viral in December 2017."

The Narwhal, February 5, 2020, Written by: Sarah Cox

Link to the full article here.

Map showing the location of all the sites that tested positive.

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