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Hey Canada, we can't be Canadian about open-pen fish farms anymore - Pacific Wild

Politely asking our government to put an end to this destructive practice has gotten us nothing but broken promises. Let's try telling them to shut down open-net pen salmon farms in the most un-Canadian way possible - Pacific Wild

Canada’s government just gave the companies that operate open-net pens in British Columbia a 5 year extensions on their licenses! They don’t have to be out until June 30, 2029. Wild salmon can't wait another five years. Here are some other facts:

  • In 2019 Prime Minister Trudeau promised Canada would transition away from open-net salmon farms by 2025

  • B.C. is the last place left on the Pacific coast of North America where open-net pen salmon farms rear atlantic salmon

  • More than 120 First Nations support the removal of open-net pen salmon farms

  • At least 70% of Canadians support a transition away from any marine salmon aquaculture to a sustainable land-based sector

Visit the Pacific Wild FOFF website here if you're ready to send a not so polite letter telling the government you want fish farms out of B.C. waters once and for all.

This website and video contains strong language that may be upsetting to some viewers.

Here's to William Shatner for saying it out loud - view the video message below.

Happy Canada Day!


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