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Fort Point Lighthouse a beacon of opportunity | Lighthouse Now

RQM is seeking a seasonal operator/travel ambassador, to operate the Fort Point Lighthouse overlooking Liverpool Bay for the next 3 years.

"I believe it's a great opportunity. It's a very well-traveled area for locals and visitors alike," commented RQM Mayor Darlene Norman.

"Built in 1855, Fort Point Lighthouse stands at the mouth of the Mersey River and is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses in Nova Scotia. Surrounded by picturesque parkland, it provides visitors a rare opportunity to climb inside, enjoy ocean views and sound the foghorn."

Excerpts above from Article by: Kevin McBain | Lighthouse Now | February 21, 2021

Fort Point Lighthouse built in 1855, Liverpool, NS.

It is an excellent opportunity and ideal setting, as one of our favourite local spots Fort Point has been the location of many PLB rallies. Sadly if Min. Keith Colwell green lights Cooke, this historic tourist destination on Liverpool Bay will have views of two new industrial feedlots, aka fish farm sites.

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