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Everywhere in the world net-pen farms operate its this same sad reality

"It’s rich old men, who don’t live here, using their obscene wealth to bully and intimidate locals to ensure they can continue stripping us of our natural assets and keep for themselves the wealth that should be in our children’s future." - Corin Smith, anti net-pen salmon activist, Scotland.

We communicate daily with concerned communities all over the world who are dealing with the net-pen industry in their waters. We've learned how the industry playbook is the same world wide.

In Scotland recently, 2,000 pages of documents revealed how Salmon companies spy on activists like Corin Smith. In June 2021, Corin even found a GPS tracking device hidden under his car.

You will hear the similar experiences of intimidation and cover-up relayed from B.C. to Newfoundland to Norway, Scotland, Chili, Ireland, Maine, Washington, Tasmania, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The same words used repeatedly to describe these companies have now become synonymous with the industry:










It is the sad truth, but worldwide wherever these companies operate THIS is how local concerned communities and advocates describe the players. Everyone outside the industry and its government alliances are their enemy, and the ecosystem and our children's future are their victims.


Thank you to a long-time supporter of PLB who created this graphic with our logo. Matt is a pro fly-fisher, and N.S. sport fishing guide. We appreciate his continued dedication to spreading awareness and for supporting our efforts to keep our bays free from finfish farms.


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