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Environmentalists push PM on BC Salmon Farms | Global News Hour

B.C. environmentalists are pushing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to fulfill his promise to move B.C. fish farms out of the ocean by 2025. Linda Aylesworth reports. (November 27, 2019)

Shared from Alexandra Morton's Facebook page:

"The salmon farming industry is in self-destruct mode with mass die-offs on both sides of the country. Wild salmon are vanishing, in large part due to the sea louse epidemics and likely the high exposure to viruses and bacteria pouring out of the farms. Trudeau understands he has to separate wild from farmed salmon and he has promised to do so. Please if you love this coast contact your MP today and tell them Trudeau MUST live up to his promise and instruct the new Minister of Fisheries to oversee this ground-breaking transition in the MANDATE LETTER that he will be issuing any day now. That way BC benefits from both wild and farmed salmon. You are critical to this happening.."

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