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EcoJustice updates us on their latest efforts in protecting wild salmon

Lawyer Sarah McDonald and the team at EcoJustice work relentlessly inside and outside the courtroom not only to protect wild salmon and the marine environment, but the rights of communities in voicing their concerns about aquaculture projects. Sarah has been working with PLB for almost 2 years in assisting our opposition efforts against fish farm expansion in Liverpool Bay.

In this article Sarah highlights the numerous efforts that Ecojustice is engaged in across the country including;

  • protecting wild salmon from PRV virus, recap of case wins with client Alexandra Morton

  • fighting to uphold a precedent-setting victory in Newfoundland & Labrador where the government wants to double fish farming in the province, without proper assessments

  • in Nova Scotia, they have demanded government officials enforce aquaculture regulations on fish farm lease violations - stay tuned.

Next they'll be working on strengthening Canada's first ever Aquaculture Act.

Ecojustice is a charity law firm and we are extremely grateful for all their efforts in protecting Liverpool Bay and protecting wild salmon on both coasts. Please consider supporting EcoJustice among your donation contributions in 2021.

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