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Cooke's Shelburne harbour Boundary Amendment cont'd: Seeking Clarification


A Saltwire article dated June 16, 2022, begins, “Kelly Cove Salmon is hoping to install a shore-powered, remote feeding system to its marine farm in Sandy Point from the company’s shoreline property some 250 meters away.”

A joint package from DFA and KCS to Shelburne Council included in their June 8th meeting agenda documents notifies them of their application to DFA for boundary amendment. KCS describes the reason for the amendment: “KCS would like to install a feed system at our shore base which would be directly powered from the electrical grid eliminating the use of generators currently used on the farm.” “To do this, we would need to install three 400mm HDPE pipes from the shore base to the farm.”

  • Neither the article nor the package to council state when they ‘hope’ to install the feed system

  • it is also not mentioned if any part of or all of the system has already been installed

In response to the article, these photos were sent to us, taken at the Sandy Point site in late January 2022 which was the first time this nearby resident noticed the pipes, not previously there. The photos show at least one large pipe (400mm dia?) coming up to the surface beside a platform and another pipe(s?) going out to the pens (these are also visible in the photo accompanying the Saltwire article). The pens were stocked at this time and there was no auto-feed barge vessel present, only the platform where these pipelines converge.

The large pipe seen coming up to the platform on the right side of platform is coming from the direction of the shoreline. The pipeline extending out on the left side is going towards the pens.

Additional info - An application was made to Transport Canada from KCS for permission to install a submerged pipeline feeding system at Sandy Point, it was dated Aril 22, 2021, and stated a construction start date of May 1, 2021. Since February of this year numerous government agencies have been contacted to inquire if this feed system has been installed yet, including DFA, but no further information has been provided to date.

For clarity, the application currently in front of DFA is not for permission to install the remote feeding system its only a request to amend the lease boundary lines to encompass it. What is unclear is, what is the difference between what is visible there now and what they currently are stating they 'hope to install'?

PUBLIC SUBMISSIONS The application for the administrative boundary amendment is expected to be posted on DFA’s website sometime in July or August - which is when the request will be open to public comments. We would expect before then that the public will have clarity on whether Kelly Cove Salmon are seeking this amendment approval post-installation (after the fact) or prior to installation of this new feeding system.

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