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Cooke operated salmon farm 3 times larger than allowed for 17 years, now asking ARB for expansion

"Ecojustice lawyer calls it attempt to 'legitimize that history of illegal operation'

Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. would be operating only three to four cages and farming only 120,000 salmon at its Rattling Beach fish farm if it abided by the terms of its lease.

Instead, the company operates 20 cages that accommodate 660,000 penned salmon at its Annapolis Basin site off Digby.

Jeffery Nickerson, the business development manager for Kelly Cove, confirmed Monday that the Rattling Beach salmon farm has operated well beyond the confines of its lease since 2004 when he was questioned by Ecojustice lawyer Caitlin Urquhart.

“They have admitted on the record that they have been operating at their current size of 29 hectares, three times the size of their lease, for 17 years,” Ecojustice lawyer Sarah McDonald said in an interview at the completion of the first day of the four-day Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Board hearing in Yarmouth to determine if the company’s lease expansion can proceed."

“Now they are asking the board to legitimize that history of illegal operation,” said McDonald,

Excerpts above from Article by: Francis Campbell | Saltwire. com | November 15, 2021

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