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Cooke Aquaculture's Kelly Cove Salmon seeking boundary amendment in Shelburne for new feed system

While industry in the rest of the world outside Canada is investing in land-based closed containment technology, this is where innovation in Nova Scotia is at. Installing submerged pipelines to pump shore-based feed out to open net-pens.

Saltwire | June 16, 2022 | Kathy Johnson:

SHELBURNE HARBOUR, N.S. - "Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. is hoping to install a shore-powered, remote feeding system to its marine farm in Sandy Point from the company’s shoreline property some 250 metres away." (additional quoted excerpts noted in red below)

“This investment will reduce the sound level significantly. To do this, we would need to install three pipes from the shore base to the farm. These pipes would contain 3” feed hoses, oxygen lines and an electrical conduit,” said Richardson."

While the salmon farm industry in the rest of the world outside of Canada is investing in land-based closed containment systems, this is where Nova Scotia is. Installing submerged pipes to pump on-shore feed out to open net-pens.

The pipeline system consists of 3 x 16" dia pipes each containing 6 x 3" pipes running from shore out to the marine pens. Weighted with 120-130 concrete anchors each approx 2280 lbs.

The article does not state when the feeding system is slated to be installed.

“Advantages of using this proven, innovative technology includes reducing sound, precise feeding, real-time fish monitoring and water data collection, and a safer working environment for employees,” says Joel Richardson, vice president of public relations for parent company Cooke Aquaculture Inc.

This would mean all 'farm' sites without this remote feeding system lack all of these advantages and are notably SIGNIFICANTLY LOUDER. However, to date anyone complaining about excessive noise from these sites are dismissed as 'misinformed', 'busy bodies' 'spreading false information'.

Hear this. Its not noisy unless they say its noisy.

Kelly Cove's amendment request is for a boundary line adjustment to encompass the pipeline's 250m+ route but without increasing the total area size.

Stay tuned for further information about this administrative amendment application including notifice of when the matter is open for public submission.

Quoted excerpts above from the Saltwire Article. View the full article here.

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