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Community leaders fighting against a fishy process | Nova Scotia Voice

A History of Unreasonable Risk

"Communities have learned to take the lead in place of government to preserve local economies and community health. The irreversible collapse of the cod fishery was accompanied by false governmental promises of sound management and economic growth, as well as by the communities who fought endlessly to clarify factual errors in these promises and to present sound alternatives. Similar examples can be found in forestry and mining. "

The Situation in Nova Scotia - Liverpool as an Example

"Cooke Aquaculture's recently approved renewal and proposed expansion in Liverpool Bay is facing strong local opposition. Cooke's reputation for incidents and lack of operational integrity (e.g. lobster kills and illegal pesticide use, large scale die-offs in 2015 and 2019, and pen failure) is a sound reason for distrust, and for concern over the preservation of community livelihoods – to preserve them while it's still possible, not retroactively when irreversible loss has already taken place. "

Excerpts from article

Written by: Nova Scotia Voice | March 25, 2021

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