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Canadian Wildlife Federation continues to take hard stance against open net-pen farmed salmon

Canadian Wildlife Federation - As far back as 2013 the CWF has taken a hard stance against open-pen finfish aquaculture (OPFA). In the organization's statements about OPFA on their website their Board of Director's "call for the end of this practice on both coasts of Canada as well as a moratorium on new finfish aqua operations". This week the organization reminded the public of the threat OPFA poses to wild species.

"There's Something In The Water - It's Disease."

As part of their annual Rivers to Oceans Week last week, the CWF published a campaign series called There's Something in the Water - It's DISEASE - they call out open net-pen salmon farming as a threat to wild species. Stating: "Farmed fish are a source of disease to wild populations whether or not they escape their pens because they are held in artificially high density. Say NO to eating open-pen finfish farmed salmon".

For reference, back in 2013 the CWF clearly established their position on open pen finfish aquaculture (OPFA) in a published report on the effects of OPFA on wild fish populations. In 2016 they updated the report to include an additional 77 new studies.


The report demonstrates their position against open-pen finfish aquaculture based on thorough research, using the best available knowledge.

Here is the CWF position on open pen finfish aquaculture:

"Open-pen finfish aquaculture alters important aquatic habitats and significantly affects native populations, such as wild salmon and other wildlife. These effects may put the survival of both Pacific and Atlantic salmon species at risk. Although the aquaculture industry creates economic benefits, because of its significant impact on wildlife, CWF would like to see the practice of OPFA in Canada phased out over the next 10 years. In the meantime, CWF believes it imperative that no more OPFA operations be established in Canada."

Link to the full report here.

Learn more background info on CWF's Aquaculture program on their website here.

"Recognizing the economic benefits of finfish aquaculture, the Canadian Wildlife Federation and its Board of Directors want open-pen finfish aquaculture to end on both coasts of Canada in the next 10 years and, in the meantime, a moratorium on new finfish aquaculture operations. "


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