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BC: Do Not Renew in June 2022

From Alexandra Morton: "In 4 months from today, the vast majority of British Columbia’s factory fish farm licences will expire. Open-pen salmon farms have been mandated out of the ocean by 2025 but the fight to protect wild salmon continues.

The non-renewal of these licenses will make sure no more wild salmon are killed by the Atlantic salmon farming industry and the clean up of our coast can begin.

Our wild salmon can not endure another 3 years of this industry. The time has come to get fish farms out."

To everyone in BC and those who have friends, family, or colleagues in BC, please share this and ask all to consider the critical importance of this time sensitive issue and to write their MP. Include the link below where you can sign the letter and add your voice.

The letter is fully editable feel free to personalize your message.

To those in Atlantic Canada or anywhere else in the country, use the link below to write your MP and demand their support for the non-renewal in BC in June 2022, and demand the same protection for wild salmon on the east coast of Canada - a mandate to move net-pens out of coastal waters on both coasts!

Write to your MP to make sure those licenses are not renewed. Sign and send the letter here:

or click on our facebook post for the link and comments.


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