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B.C. Green candidate De Bruijn wants fish farms out of ocean, proportional representation

Will Nova Scotia's Green Party Leader, Dr. Thomas Trappenberg, like Mark De Bruijn on the West Coast, stand with us against open net-pen fish farming??? Let's ask him! Dr. Thomas Trappenberg, is our Green Party representative for Halifax-South Shore and will run head to head against Liberal MP Bernadette Jordan in the coming election.

Quoted from the article: Says De Bruijn.....“We want to pull fish farms out of the ocean, out of the migratory routes of our native salmon and move them onto a land-based system with closed containment. Virtually all workers working on the present system of open-net, open ocean systems would be employed in the land-based systems that we want to develop to replace them.”

De Bruijn also calls for an end to Corporate control of government agencies and regulations.

.....“We have been sliding for a long time more and more towards corporate capture of our government, our regulatory agencies, whether it’s Health Canada, or the CRTC, or Agriculture Canada, they’re all pretty much in the grips of large, multinational corporations. Big pharma, big ag, fertilizer and chemical companies, telecoms and so on and the regulations they function under, those agencies, are largely dictated to them by these corporations. So that needs to end.”

Article from, By: Patrick Grapes

Link to the full article here, and also on the PLB Facebook page - click below to view it over there and join the conversation!


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